CloudKompass is a flexible and mobile survey tool, with which you can make "fuzzy things" (e.g. views, opinions and perspectives from customers and employees) measurable. Impressions and opinions are collected immediately (Zero Touch Service) at the center of the action - using mobile technology (Windows, Apple, Android Phones as well as any Web browser on Kindle, PC, MAC, Console etc.) - and results are  showing the status quo as well as the trend at once (zero touch service).  

  Advantages of CloudKompass:
  • "Real time pulse meter" in the middle of the process
  • Ease of use
  • To the point – we address your concerns with concise questions
  • No additional equipment required (Mobile device or PC are available  nearly everywhere)
  • Location-independent (only cell phone network or Internet access required)
  • Quick data collection (depending on the scope this takes just a few seconds)
  • Quick and timely evaluation
  • Graphical Report - A picture tells more than thousand words …

With CloudKompass you have an objectified feedback system for a better and timely control of your communications. This helps preventing irritation and the resulting resistances and reduces the risk to your projects. In addition CloudKompass relieves your management streamlines and simplifies change in your company.